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Thursday, 8 November 2018

David Schwimmer Offered $1 Million to Star in a PORNO!

BURBANK, CA - SEPTEMBER 12: (EXCLUSIVE, NO U.S. TABLOID SALES) David Schwimmer, who plays Ross on the hit NBC series "Friends," performs during one of their last shows on the Warner Bros lot Sept. 12, 2003 in Burbank, CA. "Friends," which is in its ninth and final season, debuted in 1994, has won 44 Emmys, and is one of the biggest successes in television history. (Photo by David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images) This image is not included in any subscription deal. Use of this image will incur a charge.

David Schwimmer has reportedly been offered a $1million pay day if he straps on Ross Gellar’s leather trousers and appears in a Friends-inspired porno. 

Well, that’s a pretty hefty £762,510!

The actor, who has proven to be one hell of a good sport after backing up a search for his lookalike thief, was said to have been approached by YouPorn with an offer of a starring role in one of their x-rated movies. 

We’re not sure if he’s going to take it though seeing as the pay day is equal to just one episode of his pay cheque for while he was on the fan favourite.

In a letter posted on website Meaww, the site declares that after the message he sent to Blackpool police, they might be interested in his own business opportunity as a result of it. 

The letter reads: 

‘We at YouPorn, like so many others, miss that time you awkwardly proved to Rachel and Joey that you were ‘fine!” Or that time you tried to teach Rachel and Phoebe about the state of total awareness…Unagi! ‘To make everyone’s dreams come true, we want to bring those talents back to the screen and are offering you a $1 million contract to star in your very own Friends porn parody.

‘We know it’s not the ‘silver screen’, but we already have a Rachel on board and think it’s the perfect PIVOT in your career. 

We’ll even let you wear those leather pants again!’ They added: ‘We’re looking forward to hearing from you regarding our offer, and sincerely hope we can work together on this soon. 

P.S. Hope they catch that guy! ‘All the best, The YouPorn team.’



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