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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Obese Actress Starve Herself for Months and Ends up Weighing Like This- PHOTOS

Nowadays, due to unhealthy diet, many people suffer from obesity, which leads to obesophia. Rachael Farrokh, a 38-year-old actress, is a typical example. 

She is 1.63 m high, due to frequent fasting within a few months, she was only 18 kg - the average weight of a 5-year-old girl.

Not so long ago, Rachael looked healthy, but her eyes were always sad. It is because she is struggling with a serious mental illness to continue living each day.

Rachel's disease is called Anorexia Nervosa (a psychiatric disorder in women who are too afraid of obesity and often fasting) and it has glued to her for a decade. Although the disease is often misunderstood as a physical disorder, in fact, it's defined as a form of mental illness.

After hearing about his wife's terrible disease, Rod Edmondson decided to leave off his work to take care of her. For Rachael, she is the most important woman in his life.

In the United States, there was a hopital that can rescue her disease, but she did not have enough money to pay for the treatment. Therefore, she called for donation. Unexpectedly, her appeal for help quickly gets results, there are so many people from all over the world sending money to help her treat the disease. The donation was up to $ 200,000, twice the cost she needed.


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