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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Nigerian Billionaire, Kola Aluko Looks Gaunt And Covered In Tattoos, Now Living Low-key In Mexico (Photos)

A Nigerian Former billionaire, an oil and gas mogul Kola Aluko is now covered in tattoos like a rock star and have lost a lot of weight.

This is what the once talk-of-the-town billionaire businessman and owner of Atlantic energy used to look like. He was declared wanted by the Nigerian government alongside Jide Omokore in 2016 for allegedly cheating the Nigerian government by using Shell Company to buy a luxury yacht, 132 houses, 58 cars, and three airplanes.
Kola Aluko was so rich he spent £1.5million on champagnes at Oscar winner, Leonardo Di Caprio’s 39th birthday some years ago, bought a $2million Ferrari and his $80m yacht, the Galactica star was the vacation spot for hip-hop royalty and businessmen.

This was until the Nigerian government declared him wanted leading to the US government seizing a lot of his properties worth a whopping $144million. Some of his assets in the UK were also seized. He has also since gone into hiding and no longer mixes with the rich.

Also gone are Kola Aluko’s throng of hangers-on and hero-worshippers who used to benefit from his largesse.
Kola, who turns 49 next week, looks different these days and has covered his body in tattoos.



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