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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Update: Tunde Praise Reacts Kaycee's ‘When You Die, I Will Sit In A Bar' Comment

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A post by Harrysong‘s former manager, Kaycee Oguejiofor saying, ‘when you die, I will sit in a bar and tell sad stories of how ungrateful and disloyal you were to everyone who helped you build your dream’. is generating a lot of reactions on social media.

Kaycee’s post was partly in response to Harrysong’s recent battle with depression and now media expert Tunde Praise feels the timing of the post is insensitive.
Tunde made known that anyone who takes advantage of a negative situation in one’s life is not a friend, saying there is a way to kill faster than a bullet.
He wrote;
This is deadly guys, the man here used to be harrysong’s manager years back. I guess things didn’t quite go well between the two, harrysong was diagnosed with depression recently and he’s getting all the needed help. Now today the man here went out to write this about harrysong, someone who is just recovering from depression.
There are lessons to learn here. I do not have a Monopoly of knowledge on what transpired between the two, still, no one deserves to be treated this way, not for any reason.
1. Run away from friends/family that has a sense of entitlement. They will destroy you and they can never be grateful for whatever you do. They are bitter people and they really don’t love you genuinely.
2. Be careful of friends and family who uses your mistakes to hunt you, it’s emotional blackmail, anyone that keeps a book of your wrongdoings is not your friend, run!!!
3. Anyone who takes advantage of a negative situation in your life is not your friend, there is a way to kill faster than a bullet. Ave been there before, this is capable of sending someone who is battling with depression straight to his death. The timing of this letter is wrong and someone who is considered as a friend should at least have empathy.
This sense of entitlement thing is particular here in Africa and it shouldn’t be encouraged. No one owes you anything in life, I hope people get this right. I am not harrysong’s manager or spokesman, but I see a generation that lacks love for each other, a generation that gets excited at another man’s misfortunes.
God help us all.


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