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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Resaerch Reveals That Having Sex Weekly Improves Brain Function, Especially As You Age

Got a massive college exam or work presentation coming up? Or maybe you just want to stay sharp into your golden years.

Doing more than studying on your bed can apparently help keep your brain in tip-top condition, according to science. 

Researchers at Oxford and Coventry Universities studied 73 people who filled in questionnaires on how regularly they had sex over the space of a year, according to The Sun.

The participants, aged between 50 and 83, then endured a series of tests involving vocabulary and spacial awareness. 
Those who had sex on the regular performed on a higher basis than those with a less-than-thriving sex life, researchers said.
However, sexual regularity made no difference to attention or memory, according to researchers. 

So, if you have a healthy sex life, make sure you keep it going into your later years.


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