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Friday, 14 September 2018

Man Demands Compensation After Diving Into a Pool to Save Two Drowning Children

A holidaymaker who saved two children from drowning in a hotel pool demanded compensation as the heroic act 'ruined his trip'.

Steven Tartt, 32, from Seaforth, saw children struggling in the water at the Victoria Playa hotel in Santo Tomas in Menorca.
Rushing to their aid, he dived in and rescued the drowning kids from the bottom of the pool.
But the dad-of-two claims he was so affected by the trauma that he 'had to take a week off work' to recover.
He was also furious that the lifeguard on duty had failed to help the boy, seven and girl six.
Two months after his holiday, Steven took to Twitter to express his disgust that he was not compensated for the incident.
Speaking with the Liverpool Echo , he said that travel group TUI had "fobbed him off".
Mr Tartt wrote: "So goes on holiday in June, 3rd day of the holiday I had to jump in and help 2 drowning children, ruined the rest of the holiday because the lifeguard wasn’t doing his job.
"Also had to take an extra week off work after it affected me that much."
Mirror Online


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