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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Man Completely BURNT in Nassarawa Hops on an OKADA to Save his Own Life After Experiencing a Gas Explosion-SEE PHOTO

A picture has been circulating the internet of a man who is completely burnt but seen hopping on a bike to save his own life.

He was apparently involved in a gas explosion which left him defaced with his whole body fried and his own body liquid dripping.

But still, he summed up all the strength left in him and hopped on a bike in hope to get treatment from a nearby hospital.

According to EyeWitness101 Nigeria News who shared the news on Facebook, 

The power of survival in Nigeria.
This guy got burnt from the gas explosion in Lafia. Nassarawa.
He didn't wait for an ambulance, there may be none.
He understood that survival is the first law of nature.
So he mounts a motorbike.
Before he climbs the bike, the oil from his skin drops on the seat like a roasted chicken in a barbecue
Human survival instinct is supreme.


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