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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Katie Price's Ex Toyboy, Kris Boyson is Begging her to Take him Back

Kris Boyson was ditched by Katie after two months of dating and within 24 hours she was going out with an even younger guy, loaded Essex businessman Alex Adderson, 25.

And the 28-year-old has bombarded Katie Price with texts begging to take him back.

The toyboy is refusing to accept it’s over despite selling a story on Katie at the weekend, in which he revealed that she’s still ‘damaged’ from her break up with Peter Andre, and is ‘paranoid’ with not ‘many friends'.
The personal trainer is so desperate for a second chance that he’s even willing to wait until she gets ‘partied out’ from her time with Alex. But there seems little hope for Kris, as Katie’s told friends that he’s boring and never wanted any fun.
Source from THE SUN adds: "To Katie, Kris was even more boring than Kieran, who never wanted to go out.
"But Kris would go out, never drink alcohol and would bore Katie to death on dates by telling her how long she'd have to run on a treadmill to burn off the cake that she’d just eaten - or how many hours those units of alcohol will take to leave her system. She felt like she was dating the calorie police!
"She's had endless messages from Kris begging to take him back. To make himself more exciting, he says that he’ll even start drinking again if it pleases her.
"He really misses her and the children, especially Harvey, whom he worked closely with as his personal trainer. He's heartbroken that she has left him, but knows he can’t give her a lavish lifestyle, and that’s obviously what she’s looking for at the minute.
"He’s said that he’ll wait for her in case there's a chance that once she's bored of partying, she will take him back because he’s a potential family man unlike Alex."


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