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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Bobrisky is Asking Nina to Return the 700k he Used to Fund her BBN Campaign and Human Hair he Gave her

Bobrisky is furious and asking for a refund of everything he ever gave to Nina as he even took to the comment section of Tunde Ednut to vent his anger.

According to him, he is tired of seeing her face everywhere he goes and all over the social media.

Tunde Ednut recently posted a picture of Nina holding a car key and blasted her, he said:

“2018… Who still dey snap picture holding car key? SWAGGER. “Wait wait, don’t take the picture yet, Oyiiiiiiiiiin where is your bag, please give me your car key. #OldenDays”

Bobrisky quickly took to the comment section of the post to further call her out. He commented; How can I stop seeing that thing on my timeline, I just wanna assume we never meet or she never exist. But the more I keep seeing her on my timeline, I keep remembering how I suffered for this thing called Nina. Case close

“Please i really do not want to sound rude but @bobrisky222 i still have the phone you gave me courtesy of @tontolet intact and unused , ready to be returned at anytime and anyday of your choice thanks” 

And in response, Bobrisky has this to say:

Hey Nina or wat is your name? I never wanted to address anything about you on my page because have noticed how ungrateful u are but is fine. 

Don’t forget I’m an ambassador, I know wat our hair look like. Dis is your second attempt putting up our hair up for sale as ur hairline on ur page. I bought that hair for u wen u newly come out from the house so as to change the braids u brought out of d house. 

Now I’m called many names from your so called fans. Dis same people are the goats who said u are DUMB that u cannot win big brother that I should go and sit down somewhere, where were u and dis fools talking wen the lady handing ur page and i walked from university of Lagos to Yaba tech to create an awareness for u? 

Oh then u were busy kissing and fucking miracle then Abi, you are all mad. U are telling me u haven’t use the phone that u can still return it I hope they told u how much I spend on u while u were inside the house, you can as well send them back too I swear I will gladly collect it because is my money bobody father gave me. 

My dear I don’t fucking need ur penny or any phone from u. 

The fact still remains u are an ungrateful soul. And wat got me pissed is that u still have the gut to put up our hair for sale as ur hair. Pls I made it clear to people I’m done with u and I don’t want to have anything to with u anymore. 

I’m free to decide who i wanna talk to and who I don’t wanna talk too. So fuck ur fans coming at me to say shit!!!! I’m fully ready for any motherfucker who come say shit to to me.

 Let them spend one quarter a million (700,000) in T-shirt and recharge cards to help someone they don’t know before and the person show ungrateful act and let see if they wanna move close to the person again. Rubbish


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