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Friday, 14 September 2018

'Be Diligent to Learn Simple Home Chores' Intelligent Nigerian Lady Sends Word of Advise to Every Nigerian Lady

A Nigerian lady on Facebook has sent a very nice word of advise to every Nigerian lady, especially the so-called SLAY QUEENS.

In her post, she advised Slay Queens to ensure they are diligent and that they should try their possible best to listen to the words of advise their mother has to say.

In her own words, Idyllic Ubonsaid, 

Dear Slay Queen,
In all that you are, be diligent to learn simple home chores. In all that you bequeath to your young damsels, be sure to inculcate in them the ability to carry out simple cooking, gardening, cleaning skills, etc. 

Beyond beauty and slaying, the home will place a call on you one day to balance looks with the ability to do what you had been seeing your mother commit herself to. The Ceiling and walls will be staring at you. 

Make up kits, Brazilian hair and likes on facebook will not come to your aid. You may at that point realize that you had missed the opportunity to learn. That you were too busy to acquire the basic tips on how to be a true African woman. 

Anointing does not confer this one on somebody. Degree and tours of the finest places on earth do not replace the need to learn how to be a good home maker. It's good to be a "Happening Babe" but small sense must follow.
Sit now and watch, listen and adhere to your mother and elders' instructions because you won't receive any atom of pity when you start crying and screaming "had I known"...



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