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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Five Poorest State In Nigeria According To National Bureau Of Statistics

Nigeria is the Giant of Africa and a very fertile place for economic growth. Nigeria has metamorphosed to become the richest country in Africa. 

The 36 states in Nigeria differ in terms of internally generated funds, GDP, and natural resources. Some states are hugely blessed in Oil and Gas while some are great for agricultural activities.
This differentiation is the reason why some states vary lag behind in terms of economic growth.
This post shall highlight the top 5 poorest states in Nigeria based on the recent report released by the National Bureau of statistics.
#1 Sokoto
Sokoto state is situated at the extreme Northwest area of the country. It is plagued with the unfriendly weather. The usual temperature is averagely 45 degrees Celsius. Sokoto state has always been rated the poorest state in Nigeria. Residents in the state depend on subsistence agriculture for existence and the state is dominated by vast rural areas. According to reports released by the Nigerian Bureau of statistics, the poverty rate in Sokoto state is 81.2%.
#2 Katsina
Katsina state is one of the poorest states in Nigeria. Two of the last three Nigerian presidents originate from Katsina – Late Umaru Yar’adua and President Muhammadu Buhari.
Katsina receives one of the lowest allocations and the infrastructural development is very poor. According to the data received by the National Bureau of statistics, Katsina has a poverty level of 74.5%.
#3 Adamawa
Adamawa state was created from the defunct Gongola state in 1991. The state capital is Yola and the rate of development is quite very slow. Adamawa is ravaged adversely by the Boko Haram inversion which has truncated economic activities in the state. It is no doubt one of the poorest states in Nigeria. Nigerian bureau of statistics pegs the poverty rate in Adamawa state at 74.2%.
#4 Gombe
Gombe state is one of the poorest states in Nigeria. It is situated in the Northeastern region of the country. They are very poor in terms of internally generated funds and their allocation from the federal government is very poor. The state is prone to terrorist attacks and this has a massive adverse impact on the economic development of the state.
#5 Jigawa
Jigawa state was created from Kano state. It is situated in the North central region. The report from national bureau of statistics indicates the poverty rate in Jigawa state is 74.1%. Jigawa shares a common boundary with the Niger Republic, hence it has the opportunities to engage in economic activities outside the country.
Northern Nigeria states are very influential in Nigerian politics. This is due to their large population. They are also the poorest region. As 2019 is approaching, the top gladiators in politics in Nigeria will strive to ensure that they capture the minds of the electorates in this region
It is not a surprise that all the states listed in this post are from the Northern part of the country.


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