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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Woman Confesses how she Forced Herself on a Married Man, Got Pregnant for him and he Still Dumped her, And Now She Always Want to Sleep With her Own Son

A single mother has taken to the social media to narrate the kind of life she is living, which is pathetic, but then she feels sorry for herself.

She also requested that her name is not out in public so as to save her reputation.

In her confession, she narrated how she fell in love with a married man who in turn wants nothing to do with her other than sex. And so she got pregnant for him along the line, but then he denied.

Along the line, the wife was involved, but still, that did not change his mind, so she left him alone.

But now, she has given birth to his child, and its a boy that looks exactly like him:



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