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Monday, 23 July 2018

Watch As Kangaroo Stops Football Match For Over Half An Hour

A football match in Canberra, Australia was interrupted in a very surprising way recently, when a large male kangaroo invaded the pitch. 

We all know that kangaroos come from the land down under, but we didn’t know they ran around town.

And it seems like this guy was really keen on football because it took officials over half an hour to be rid of the beast.
It seems that kangaroos aren’t just the cuddly-looking cuties that box with each other, and keep their babies in a built-in pouch in their bellies. It turns out that kangaroos can become aggressive if cornered.
Because of this, organizers left the animal to bound across the pitch unhindered before the large marsupial chose the 18-yard box to chill out in. Match officials and other staff tried throwing balls at the ‘roo to chase it away but had to keep clear of the kangaroo for their own safety.
After 32 minutes of no play, a coach chased the animal out of the stadium with his pick-up truck. Even for Australians who are accustomed to kangaroos, at least in the more rural areas, this was something you definitely don’t see every day.


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