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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

President who Says GOD is STUPID Says He Will Retire Today if Anyone Can Prove to Him That God Really Exists

Not quite long after this man said God was stupid and a son of a Bit**, now he's saying something else entirely. He has now offered to step down as president, but he gave a condition.

President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has offered to resign if anyone can take a selfie with God to prove he exists. His comments came just days after he called God “stupid”.
The latest outburst shows Duterte, aged 73, increasingly at odds with the Church in which he was raised and to which most Filipinos belong.
In the last few days, Duterte has also said he does not like the “creeping influence” of the Catholic Church. In addition, his presidential spokesman has accused the Church of working with Communist rebels to overthrow the government in the Philippines. The spokesman said the Church “sometimes runs counter to what the government believes to be good for the people, at least in this temporal life”.
In his latest speech on Saturday at the inauguration of the Malayan colleges in Mindanao, Duterte invited everyone “to become agents of hope and catalysts of progress”.
He urged all sectors of our society to keep supporting his administration’s development agenda, especially in pursuits that would educate our young and empower more Filipinos, and his government’s ongoing campaign against illegal drugs and criminality.
“This will be helpful in ridding ourselves of the social ills that have shackled our growth and hindered our country from achieving its full potential.”
After describing his own progress through the education system and then his career in law and politics, he said he believed in God, but did not believe in a God who intervenes in the world. “Otherwise there would be no widespread injustice: hunger, killings, and all.”
If any one of the many billions of people on earth can go to heaven, talk to God, and take a selfie, “I will step down tomorrow. No question,” he said.
The Catholic bishops in the Philippines have been highly critical of Duterte’s crackdown on drugs, which has resulted in thousands of deaths.
Two priests have themselves been shot this year, one only last month. In the last few days the bishops have called for fasting and prayers after Duterte called God “stupid”.


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