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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Katie Price is Afraid her 16-year-Old Son Might Die Form Diabetes As he is Now Weighing 22 Stone

KATIE Price has revealed that she fears her 22-stone son Harvey could die from diabetes if he doesn't get fit.

The model made the shocking revelation as she opened up about her family's struggles ahead of her new series of My Crazy Life.
She praised her 29-year-old boyfriend Kris Boyson for focusing his attention on working out with Harvey - who suffers from Prader-Willi - a syndrome which causes morbid obesity in children.
The pair met when she hired him to help Harvey lose weight for the sake of his health.
"Harvey has had to start training," said Katie.
"He weighs over 22 stone now. If you look at all of my kids we all eat the same, we’re all the same.
"But he’s got medical problems.
"And if he doesn’t sort it out he will die, we’ve been told, because of his heart.
"So at the moment we are really trying to sort out his health."
Harvey - whose dad is former football pro Dwight Yorke - feels constantly hungry because of his condition, and is prone to developing diabetes.
The 16-year-old is also on the autistic spectrum.
Desperate for him to lose weight for a better quality of life, Katie hired weight loss specialist Kris for expert help.


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