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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Burberry Burns Bags, Clothes, And Perfumes

Burberry decides to protect its brand by burning unsold clothes, accessories, and perfume worth £28.6m. 

It is a common practice for fashion firms, including Burberry, to destroy unwanted items in order to prevent them from being stolen or sold cheaply.
Burberry claims that the energy generated from burning its products was captured and it’s environmentally friendly. According to the spokesperson of the company, Burberry has careful processes in place to minimize the amount of excess stock they produce and in the occasions when disposal of products is necessary they seek responsible manners to reduce and revalue their waste.

Burberry had problems with counterfeiters who were sticking Burberry check on anything they could and such problems deteriorated the brand’s exclusive status.
In order to solve this problem, large fashion firms like Burberry need to destroy the unwanted products so they don’t get sold at a discount. Discount sales can cause the devaluation of the brand.
Another firm that was in the same situation as Burberry is Richemont, which owns the Cartier and Montblanc brands. Richemont had to buy back 480m worth of watches over the last two years.
Analysts say some parts of those watches would be recycled – but, anyways, much of them would be thrown away. Lu Yen Roloff of Greenpeace thinks that these fashion firm practices are a dirty secret of the fashion industry.


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