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Friday, 20 July 2018

Angry Range Rover Owner Abandons his Vehicle Outside a Showroom, Advises People not to go for the Vehicle Again

An infuriated customer has had it all when he angrily dumped his car in front of a Land Rover showroom, while printing serioes of complaints on the vehicle.

The black Range Rover Vogue which costs £63,000 motor has been seen by thousands of motorists a day after it was dumped in the middle of a central reservation opposite the dealership.
The 2016 model is covered in printed gripes against the company along with the message: “Do not use this dealership.”
Another message on the back door reads: “Range Rover do not care.” On both sides of the car, the customer has written: “Bad customer service. Totally incompetent, Lack of communication. Cannot fix the car.”
The car has been outside Lancaster Land Rover in Erdington, Birmingham since Tuesday.
Its owner, a soon-to-be dad who does not wish to be named, says he staged the protest to warn off other potential customers.
He claims he bought the motor as a gift for his pregnant wife but within days there were problems with the engine oil and air bags.
He said that despite taking out a three-year warranty, when he called to complain he was left on hold for five-and-a-half hours and nothing was done to repair his car.
A spokesperson from the dealership said: “We do not discuss individual customer cases. “A general manager and a representative from Land Rover are meeting with the customer on site to agree a way forward.”
The protest has caught the eye of passerby who have posted their thoughts on social media.


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