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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

New Movie “Don’t Shout” Slated to premiere On July 1

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New Movie, “Don’t Shout” is to Premieres On July 1 and Veteran artist, Olusegun Akinremi, a.k.a. Chief Kanran has opened up that his latest movie titled, “Don’t Shout” slated to premiere on July 1.

Also featuring are other Artists like Ibidun Allison, Liz Benson among others will be honored by the renowned actor.
This awards which are divided into the arts, icon, veteran and posthumous awards phases individually will include Peter Badele, Ayo Mogaji (male and female categories) Abdulsalam Sanyaolu a.k.a. Agbako on stage, Chief Jimoh Aliu, Jab Adu a.k.a Bassey Okon on stage, Peter Fadele among others.
While those for posthumous awards will include the families of Femi Philips, Duro Ladipo, Gbenga Adeboye, Ojo Ladipo and more, Kanran said.
He explained that posthumous awards were for artists who had died but contributed to the growth of the Nollywood industry and the country while alive.
The actor said that most artists who had died were still living by virtue of their works of art. “I want to celebrate these great veterans for their remarkable contributions toward the growth of the industry and the country.
Speaking about the movie,” Don’t Shout” the veteran said the movie is a satire meant to ridicule greedy politicians who were fond of amassing wealth and properties.
“It will bring out one of the functions of the theatre which is to teach viewers about the dangers of being covetous and greedy”.
“The movie is also to encourage politicians and individuals to imbibe the great virtue of selflessness to lead.
“What gives those amassing wealth the assurance that they will live to enjoy everything they had gathered due to greediness.
“Contentment and selflessness are great virtues that everyone must cultivate. “We will not keep quiet because we are meant to correct the societal ills through our movies,” he said


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