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Thursday, 7 June 2018

MIGHTYCEEBLOG: 4 Natural Skin Lightening Agents You Should Know

Rather than going for chemical formulated creams that end up giving bad reactions to the skin, and even sometimes damaging it, there are natural remedies to getting a beautiful and lighter skin.

These lightening agent ensure the skin stays flawless and beautiful, while granting your desired results.

Although these lightening agent might look and seem impossible to perform the task placed before it, but trust me, with consistency and the right use, you'd come to agree with MightyceeBlog that it works wonder.

  1. Milk is a very good skin lightening agent. It does not only lighten the skin, it also scraps off dead skins, allowing for other types of skin treatment to penetrate the skin. Milk leaves your skin lighter, very soft, supple and flawless. We recently heard Legendary singer, Mariah Carey confess of how she always take a milk bath every now and then, and that it always gives her superb results.
  2. Yogurt is also very good in the area of helping the lightening of the skin, among various other things it does. Plain yogurt is mostly advisable. Yogurt also helps fight dead skin, stretch marks etc
  3.  Turmeric is a popularly known skin lightening agent that has been certified by a lot of dermatologists to work wonders. Aside the colour of the turmeric itself which can be hard to get off once it gets on one's dress, turmeric has not been linked to any side effects yet.
  4. Lime or Lime juice is very useful for skin lightening too. One very good area of the lime's manifestation of power is the armpits, after every shave/bathe, rubbing lime or putting lime juice generously in the armpit will serve you a two-way functions. One is the elimination of bad odour, and the other is skin lightening. So the skin is frr from unpleasant smells and also darkness of the armpit with the use of lime.


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