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Thursday, 7 June 2018

Mariah Carey Son Moroccan, 7, 'Ordered a Dog' Online and Spent '$5,000 on Amazon

Image result for Mariah Carey Says Her Son Moroccan, 7, 'Ordered a Dog' Online and Spent '$5,000 on Amazon
Moroccan Scott is only 7, but he already knows his way around the internet to pull off online shopping.

Legendary songstress Mariah Carey — who just announced her latest Las Vegas summer residency titled “The Butterfly Returns” — dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday talked about all things music and parenting, including her son’s digital prowess.
“My son is, like, a technological genius. He ordered a dog the other day. He went with his father [Nick Cannon],” said Carey. “And they called him and they were like, ‘Your dog is ready.’ He’s like, ‘I didn’t order a damn dog.’ ”
“The dog’s been cancelled,” she continues, adding of her son and his twin sister Monroe, “We have dogs, they have pets. They have fish. They have everything they need.”
“I have to control them with the iPads,” Carey explains of her kids. “[Moroccan] charged $5,000 on Amazon. He figures everything out. He’ll be like, ‘Let me do it.’ ”
And also the “Honey” singer has to watch over her youngsters at times (she also helps them with their homework!), they give back by taking after their mama in an adorable way.
“My daughter was like, ‘I really need to get back in the studio,’ ” says Carey with a laugh, revealing that her twins have recorded a song of their own that she wrote, with the working title of “Roc & Roe.”
Jimmy Kimmel asks the questions that’s on everyone’s mind: Will fans of Carey and her sweet blended family ever get to hear the kids’ tune?
“I don’t know. I have to talk it over with Nick and see how he feels about it,” she says. “I would be very angry if he released a song [of the kids’] without asking me. Sorry, Nick.”


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