Mariah Carey has Made Shocking Revelations About Some Things Everyone Should Know

She has been plagued with rumours of her diva-like behaviour throughout her career span. 

And Mariah Carey, 49, has now shot down the hear'say in a candid, and very bizarre, interview with The Guardian, where she confessed that the only outlandish thing she does is 'bathe in milk.'
And after recently revealing that she suffered from bipolar disorder, the iconic American singer noted that the diagnosis stemmed from 'an identity crisis during childhood' - where she 'experienced the darker side of life due to being biracial.' 
The interview started on a light-hearted note, when she admitted to outlandishly bathing in milk. 
'Sometimes I use milk as a beauty treatment. I don’t want to give away all my secrets' before adding that she nourished her curves in cold milk.

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