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Saturday, 9 June 2018

In the news today: Four Palestinians Killed, 600 Wounded by Israeli Forces in Gaza

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On Friday, TEHRAN (FNA)- The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) shot and killed four Palestinians, including a child, and more than 600 others are reported injured as they continue to crack down the peaceful protests along the Eastern border of the Gaza Strip.
14-year-old Haitham al-Jamal, Ziad Bureim, 25, Imad Abu Darabi, 21, and Youssef Fassih, 29, have been killed by Israeli soldiers during the Friday's rallies in the Gaza Strip, Middle East News reported.

And about 618 Palestinians were reported injured during the demonstrations.
Five journalists were among the injured including the correspondent of Radio Al-Aqsa Voice and the photographer of the Agence France-Presse, who was shot in his foot by Israeli soldiers at the border to the East of Gaza City. 

Palestinian health ministry has also reported that Palestinian ambulances and medical teams were directly targeted during the ongoing protests.

Since morning hours, Palestinians have gathered along the Gaza Eastern borders for the 11th consecutive Friday to participate in an ongoing protest against Israel’s decades-long occupation.

Since the protest began in late March, no fewer than 130 Palestinians have been killed and about 14,000 injured along the fence in Gaza.

The Amnesty International has also stressed that the attacks on Palestinian protesters by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip are “willful killings constituting war crimes", while the UN Human Rights Council has also decided to urgently dispatch an independent, international commission of inquiry to investigate all alleged violations and abuses which may amount to war crimes in the occupied Gaza Strip.

Rights groups and most UN Security Council members have all condemned the violence, with even the US’ closest allies refusing to stand by Washington’s support for Tel Aviv.



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