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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Impeachment Threat: A rape to our democracy; MURIC Tells NASS

Image result for national assembly passes vote of no confidence on igp idris

Muslim Rights Concern has described the actions of the  National Assembly (NASS) as unfounded and an attempt to hinder true democracy.

NASS, yesterday prepared an 11-point position paper with which to cow President Muhammadu Buhari impeachment.
The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) through its director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, stated in a statement released, strongly condemned the actions of the NASS,
“The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) is irked by the constant propensity of Nigerian lawmakers to armtwist the executive. We condemn acts of legislative brigandage and parliamentary subjugation of the executive. It is a rape on the democratic principle of separation of powers.”
MURIC accused NASS of intimidating Buhari because of Saraki;
“We are inclined to believe that the latest threat of impeachment is not unconnected with the current travails of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki. This attempt to turn the heat on Buhari particularly at this material time is nothing short of armtwisting, blackmail, and parliamentary terrorism. Senate should remain neutral in a criminal case and allow the law to take its due course.”
The rule of law necessitates equality before the law. This means no Nigerian citizen is above the law. Even those who have immunity today may have to answer for any misdemeanor after leaving office. Nigerian lawmakers have a duty to respect the rule of law if indeed they are conscious of their status and committed to their parliamentary duties.”
“The NASS will further ridicule the hallowed chambers if it should go ahead with this ignoble idea of impeaching the Nigerian president. Already, the whole world knows the true story particularly as it relates to the war against corruption. 

In one of his remarks during his meeting with his Nigerian counterpart, President Trump said, “And in terms of corruption, Nigeria has a reputation, as you understand very well, for very massive corruption. I also know that the President has been able to cut that down very substantially. We talked about it; he is working on it. And they have made a lot of progress, and I think they will continue to make a lot of progress.” He was also alleged to have made mention of the need for Buhari to deal with the ‘rogues’ in Nigerian politics. NASS will have an unshakable credibility problem if it goes ahead with this threat.”


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