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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Desperate politician are responsible for the killings in the Northern Region of Nigeria - Bishop Matthew Kukah

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The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah, says the un-ending killings in the country, more especially the farmers/herdsmen crisis in the north, is due to the desperation of politicians to hold power.

Kukah in an interview revealed that African politicians are so desperate for power that “they will go over oceans of blood and corpses to place ballot boxes to steal votes.”

He said unless human life is given topmost priority, people will continue to be used as “sacrificial offerings”.

He also said the killings in the country would not stop the 2019 elections from holding.

“This is a strange country and unless we get to a point where human life is at the center and defines everything, every blood can only serve as a sacrificial offering for the ambitions of those who want power at all cost.

Asked what he thought was responsible for the widespread killings, the cleric said: “this is a subject for many Ph.D. theses.”
“People do not die by geography, so it is not so much the spread. They are dying everywhere and in Nigeria, everywhere, anywhere is a place to die. If you survive the herdsmen, the marauders, the armed robbers, the terrible highways are lying in wait. It is a sad commentary.”
Kukah further said the May protest organized by the Catholic Church to protest the nationwide killings had no political undertone.
“We the Catholic Bishops organized it, I was there, so what thoughts again can I say other than to thank the huge Catholics, Christians and even Muslims who joined? The use of the word protest sounds negative, but this was the highest moral duty for every human being. Nothing more,” he said.
“There is no human being anywhere in the world for whom this should not be of interest. It has nothing to do with the politics of the day. We cannot play games with human lives.
“Only the living have cards and 2019 is only for the living plus who knows which of us will be here in 2019 not to talk of our ambitions?”


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