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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

A South African Lady Is In Love With Nigerian Men

S.A Lady gushes over Nigerian men
A Beautiful South African Woman just started had admiration for Nigerian men, and she also noted her desire to marry a Nigerian.

But some would argue that her love is based on the money Nigerian men spend on them, which is also not far fetch from the truth, taking from her assertion, and can also be argued as not "true love".

Below is her tweets:
“When It Comes To Women, Nigerian Men Are The Kings Of Africa” Despite the hatred and distrust by many South Africans on Nigerians living in South Africa, Nigerian men are greatest men I’ve ever had a relationship with. would love to get married to one if she can find one. I’ve been scared of what people will say. But funny enough, I love them and would like to marry one”.
“Nigerians men are better than South African men. Nigerian guys spend money on them because apparently, their South African guys are not that… I have seen a case where you give a South African girls money that is not that much but she’s like so surprised and so happy. Nigerian guys ball out and spend so much money on us, and take us shopping…I mean they like us.”
“South African men should forget about the scare tactic of lying about narcotics regarding Nigerians, we ladies discovered it’s a blanket lie. Nigerian men know how to treat women; spending money on them instead of writing poems.”
True love should is purely based on a person's personality, if who he is, is who you want and not what he has or can and can not offer you.
By: Godswill Augustine


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