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Monday, 14 May 2018

Theo Walcott's Girlfriend Rejects £140,000 Ferrari Birthday Gift, Says It Was Too Flashy

After Chioma and Davio's relationship's paparazzi, Nigerians have taken to the past as they recalled Theo Walcott's girlfriend rejecting an expensive car he got her as a birthday present.

She’s always been rather shy of the limelight and has never fully embraced the lavish WAG lifestyle.
So it’s little wonder that Melanie Slade has turned down an expensive birthday present from Arsenal player boyfriend Theo Walcott for being too flash.
He got her a £140,000 Ferrari which she rejected.

But she told him she didn’t want it and was more than happy with her £20,000 white VW Beetle that he bought her for her 18th birthday.
And she told her friends that she wished that Walcott, who earns £60,000 a week at the Premiership club, was less showy with his money.



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