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Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Redeemed Christian Church of God Says Men with Taliban Beards Will not be Allowed to Get Married in the Church

Following the controversial new rules laid down by the Redeemed Christian church which includes a virginity test, new rules have even been added.

The church would no longer allow men with TALIBAN beards wed in the church any longer.
The church gave the order to its letter to the Ministers dated May 15th.
The Letter reads;
The Mission Authority has received reports to the effect that certain loose practices have been adapted during the conduct of weddings in the church, and hereby wish to direct that forthwith:
a. Every Worker or Department that will officiate during any wedding programmed or programmes of the Church, most especially the Officiating Ministers, the Choir and the Ushers.
b. Ministers who have the responsibility iof assessing the fown of the bride, must also ensure that the outfits of the Bride’s maids are checked to ensure that the standards of the Church are not compromised.
c. Prior to the wedding programme, the groom and his groom’s men must be assessed to ensure that they are not wearing Taliban beards, which is against the doctrines of the Church.

All ministers should be guided by these directives, especially in Parishes of the Mission that are licensed to conduct weddings.


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