Kylie Jenner's Mum Says She's Taking Over Kylie's Cosmetics Soon

It seems like the momager is about to give her last daughter a run for her money in a new short clip she released.

In the video, the KUWTK producer and star  is seen posing for a shoot that her daughter Kylie Jenner, 20, was supposed to be at.
The caption read, 'I’m taking over... sorry Kylie @kriscosmetics #MothersDay...'

The video begins with a black Rolls Royce with the license plate that reads FABULOUS pulls up.

After it stops out comes a pair of legs with pointy designer shoes on.
The woman walks toward a wall that says Kylie and she crosses it out with a red marker.

The lady then strolls to a photo set that has an antique gold chair fit for a queen. It rests on black-and-white tiles.

The lady drops her big black purse next to the chair and sits down.
We then see the woman behind the glasses is Kris, 62.

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