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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Davido Has Announced That he Would Stop Doing Music and Settle Once he Turns 30, 5 Years from Now

You might have been wondering why Davido has been dropping hits back to back in just a short space of time, well, now we know.

Whether he buys songs, or write them himself, one thing is sure, we've enjoyed every single music he drops.

And sadly, he has announced that he would no longer be active in music once he turns 30, he probably wants to start up his own family with Chioma?

In a chat with The Native, Davido revealed that he wants to retire from actively doing music when he turns 30, a mere five years away from the present day.
When the interviewer reminded Davido just how successful he become, the singer did not hesitate to state his 5-year plan.
He said: “I am 25 now, and I have a five-year plan.
“By the time I am 30, I don’t want to be actively doing music anymore”.


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