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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Before Trying Out Anal Sex, You Should Read This Article

For quite some time now, there has been some developments in the human sexual behaviour, which is although considered unnatural, but is yet pleasurable.

One of them, which Mightycee Blog would love to butress on is the anal sex. 

You would agree with Mighty cee Blog that anal sex is not a natural way of making love. 

Although, it is the only way homosexual men can make love, heterosexuals are now even involved in the act. 

It is everywhere, we hear of it like everyday, we see it on porn. 
But is it really advisable to try it out? Is it okay to try to make love through our sh*thole, as Donald Trump would say. 

Well here are few things to consider.

The anus is the opening at the end of the digestive tract where stool leaves the body. The anus is naturally made to dispose excreta, but has now been improvised for love making too.

Our bodies are elastic, and with time, the hole soon gets expanded.

But not to forget that our skin differs, for some, trying out anal sex for the first time would inflict a lot of injury on the anus, which might take forever to heal if you are fond of anal sex. 

Personally, I have no idea what Anal sex feels like, and i cannot imagine if i would enjoy doing it or not, but in case you're doing it, her are a few benefits:

Anal sex would help you enjoy sex without restriction, you do not need to use contraceptives or condoms, no one is getting pregnant.

In the case of heterosexuals, the exercise is vey much more enjoying for the male, as the anus is tighter than the 'veejay'

But then, let's see the other side of it, there are various health risks attached to anal sex, one is hygiene, in the case of heterosexuals, when the man switch from the anus and goes back to the natural cookie jar, where lovemaking is supposed to take place, he is transporting bacterias from the anus to the woman's vagina, which might lead to a lot of complication for the woman, including toilet infections, among others.

To be continued.....



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