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Sunday, 13 May 2018

After Nigeria's Largest Paracetamol Producer, Emzor Paracetamol is Shut Down, Nigerian Man Calls Out Nigerian Government, Says They Shut it Down Because it Belongs to an Igbo Woman

Uche Raphael Ikeokwu, a Nigerian man  has just called out the Nigerian Government on Facebook, claiming that they are targeting Igbo owned businesses.

It does not start today… The ban on #Emzor it’s just tribal oriented…Are you telling me that for years #Buhari didn’t know that his people go as far as taking solution gums and sniffing pit toilets… Can some one stop others to eat food because some people decides to over feed them selfs? God help this country #Nigeria. He started.

Chuma okeke @Chumaokeke3  BIAFRA: #EMZOR.we will not allow the zoological republic to destroy biafrian bussiness interest. #BANCODEINENOTEMZOR @NkirukaNistoran
Emzor, A Pharmaceutical Company, The Best In The “Evil Forest” Called Nigeria, Owned By A Biafran Is Shut Down On The Order Of Pres Jubril Buhari. Reason: One Of The Company’s Products ‘VIOLA” Which Contains A Trace Of Codeine Was Abused By Lazy H/Fulani Youths
Epurepu Ewulu @EwuluEpurepu
When we demand for Biafra, people like #Emzor CEO, Mrs Okoli, will say we are jobless and poor; when soldiers kill IPOB members in South East, she says they are senseless; now she wants me to cry for her… Thanks to APC government, #codeine
Epurepu Ewulu @EwuluEpurepu
What has happened to #Emzor, #Ibeto, #Innoson, #CapitalOil etc, is enough to convince Biafran elites that one Nigeria is not and will never work, #Emzor today, who is next?
Austin @Austinokai Nigeria’s biggest pharmaceutical company is Emzor.. The company employs over 300 direct workers and over 10,000 indirect workers. Shutting it down over poor regulation from @NafdacAgency Shows how clueless the government is moving

The shutdown of Emzor and two other pharmaceutical companies by NAFDAC is an overkill.Issues of violations if actually true, can be penalized with proportionate sanctions.Such reputable companies doing legitimate business & employing thousands of Nigerians must not be ruined.


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