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Sunday, 6 May 2018

After DJ Khaled Said He Doesn't Give His Wife Oral Sex But She Does Because He's the King, He Steps Out With Son and Wife, Looking Unbothered

Did you hear that DJ Khaled doesn’t go down on his wife? If you haven’t, you clearly haven’t been on the internet in the past 48 hours. 

However, while even the dictionary has shaded the musician (no, really), it appears that Khaled has decided to ignore the controversy and spend time on holiday with his family instead. 

The performer shared an adorable video of his son, 18-month-old son Asahd, walking for the first time without his nappys on as the family celebrated the milestone. 

He was joined on his vacation by his wife Nicole Tuck, and looked like far too proud a mama to bother with people not thinking she’s being sexually satisfied online.

‘He ain’t wearing no diapers no more, is he ready for the challenge?’ Khaled is seen asking his wife. 

The beaming mum then responded: ‘No diapers, little boy!’ As Asahd giggled at the attention, Khaled is seen telling him: ‘Today is your first day with no diapers, you can do it!’



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