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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

SURGERY WENT BAD: Transgender Woman Undergoes 16 Surgeries, Splashes Over £110,000 to Look Like a Plastic Human Doll

Formerly a man, but now a woman Ivana Vladislava, 26, from Berlin has announced that she has spent over £110,000 to look like a plastic human doll.

She revealed that not long after she turned 11, she began dressing as a girl and taking female hormone tablet.

She is currently working as a dominatrix and pays for her surgeries from the money she makes from her job, adding that she's had a total of 16 surgeries, in order for her to become a human doll, including liposuction, breast augmentation, nose jobs among others.

At 17, Ivana had her first nose job, and after that, went on to undergo 10 liposuction procedures, a breast augmentation, five nose jobs and has even had parts of her jawline, brow bones and forehead removed.

And at the moment, she is planning on having bottom implants. 

'From the age of 11 I knew that I was a girl and quickly decided to start taking hormones, dressing like a girl and growing my hair long.

'As I grew into a teenager I began hating my appearance, I was ignored by men, I felt fat, ugly and unsexy.

'But I knew I didn't have to live like that so I made a plan of how to change my look and I began looking for surgeons across the world.

'I booked in to have my nose job when I was 17 and since then I've had four more nose surgeries to perfect its size, alongside many other body surgeries.

'And although my first surgery was painful, I knew that I wanted to continue having work done and become the plastic symbol I want to be.'

Ivana said: 'After identifying as a woman growing up, I knew that I had to have surgery as soon as I could.

'I started with my nose because it was wide and manly, and then I started to get lip fillers to give me plumper lips.

'I then decided to have liposuctions and bone restructures to give me a genuine female, curvy body.

'For me it's all about looking as pristine and feminine as possible and my great body and face make me very happy.

'I have based my look on a plastic female doll, because I want to look as perfect as possible.

'Plastic is powerful and cannot break and that's how I see myself, so there's nothing else I'd rather base my look on.'


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