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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Travis Scott Is Undergoing a Metarmorphosis in His Life, Because of His Daughter, Stormi

He's only just become a father. But the magnitude of his parental role has suddenly hit rapper Travis Scott - and is making him a changed man, reports claim.

According to a source cited by TMZ, the musician is undergoing something of a metamorphosis thanks to the arrival of his baby daughter, Stormi, with Kylie Jenner.
And, to prove it, he's willing to put his career on the back-burner.
Insiders say the 25-year-old is suddenly being hyper-selective over which gigs he accepts to perfect his work/life balance.
This, they say, is a pro-active move to spend more time with his new family in LA, rather than constantly being on the road with his band.
"Only serious cash prying him away from his baby girl," sources insist.
"The best part, for fans at least, is that Travis' newfound peace is helping him hone his craft. He's been working on a new record, which his inner circle believes will be his best yet.
"Travis has been on cloud nine since his first child's birth. Friends have noticed the normally stoic guy is now laughing a lot, and much calmer than usual."
If true, it'll be a contradiction of recent reports that Kylie and Travis - real name Jacques Webster - have officially broken up, leaving the reality star to raise their child alone.
According to Heat magazine, Kylie is bracing herself to raise Stormi solo as Travis is more focused on his career.
"Travis is a good guy - he wants to be there for his child, but he’s not ready to settle down or put his career on the back burner,” a mysterious source told the weekly magazine.
"Even though he and Kylie are over, he’s told her he’ll try not to be seen out with any other girls. Things are up in the air in terms of visitation, but he’s promised to financially contribute.
"The negotiations haven’t been easy, because Travis was absent throughout quite a lot of the pregnancy,” the source says.

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