There's One Big Problem With Apple's New Headquarters

Apple recently opened its remarkable headquarters to the world during the launch of the iPhone X last year.

The spaceship-like creation in Cupertino, California is a single ring about a mile in circumference and houses 13,000 employees.
The building is covered with plants and foliage and said lucky employees can enjoy the perks of a fitness centre, on-site caf├ęs, cinema screenings and a wellness centre. There's just one painful problem, employees reportedly keep walking into the glass. 
Bloomberg reports that surrounding the colossal structure are 45-foot tall curved panels of safety glass.  
Within the building, so-called 'pods' exist allowing separation from the rest of the office, which are also made out of glass. 

People aren't bumping into the glass because it's so clean though; employees are reportedly getting involved in collisions because they have their eyes glued to their iPhones.Oh the irony. 

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