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Friday, 16 February 2018

A Woman Made Prince Charles Break the Royal Protocol

Prince Charles' security guards were quick to react when a well-wisher gave the first-in-line to the throne a hug during his visit to Durham Cathedral on Thursday. 

The Prince was chatting to the crowd who had gathered to greet him when a woman named Helen reached out and gave him a hug, breaking the usual protocol concerning members of the royal family. 

Though Charles smiled and briefly returned the hug, his security guards gently moved the member of the public away from him. Speaking about the moment to ITV, she said hugging a Prince was "wonderful".

When asked why she decided to hug him, she continued: "I don't know, I've watched him on the telly, and I felt overwhelmed… He was alright yeah. 

I won't forget that moment," to which her friend joked: "I bet he won't either!" She also revealed their brief conversation before hugging him, telling the reporter: 

"He said, 'Are you alright?' and I said, 'Yes.'" During his visit to Durham on Thursday, the Prince of Wales also unveiled a plaque at the new Emergency Service Station in Bernard Castle, where he met representatives of Fire and Rescue, Police, Ambulance and Mountain Rescue services, and schoolchildren who were waiting to meet him.

This isn't the first time that Prince Charles' security guards have had to step in to help him, although they have previously protected the Prince in a much more serious situations. 

Back in 1994, yhe Prince was visiting Sydney when a man fired two blank shots and stormed the stage as he was about to make a speech. 

After the man was arrested, the Prince continued with the speech, making no mention of the incident. It eventually transpired that the man, David Kang, was protesting detention camps for Cambodian asylum seekers, and never intended to hurt the royal.

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