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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

25 Viral Words You Should Know

A Slang are a very fun of interacting with the people around us, especially within our age range. You feel bad when your friend tries to crack a joke and you just do not get it, not to worry, we've got you covered.

Learn the viral words everyone is saying now, so as not to be left in the dark. 

1.SUS An abbreviation of the word “suspect” and "suspicious." A word to describe a shady situation or person.

“This frat bathroom is so sus."


"Why is he sussin?"

2.TRAILER TRASH When someone acts, looks, or comes off as classless or tasteless. 

It's a take on the term "trailer trash" and is quite the insult to either a person or a place, so be wary when using it.

"Did you read Piers Morgan's comments on Beyoncé?"

3. FR means "for real." That's all.


4. LOW KEY can be used in place of the formerly popular phrase "down low," because usually people say low key when they are about to say something they don't want everyone to know about. 

It's almost like a guilty pleasure. It is also the antithesis of high key.

"I low key tripped walking onto the tube today." 


"I am low key addicted to using Kimoji."

5.DAMN GINA An expression of approval and appreciation, most often used as a term of positive endearment. The opposite of the formerly popular “Bye, Felicia.” 

Both have their roots in '90s one-liners. The expression was first used in the sitcom Martin, in exchanges between Martin Lawrence's character and his partner, Gina.

"Damn Gina!"

6.SAVAGE Celebrity feuds are often described as “savage.” Unlike many of the words on this list, the use of savage in today’s online world follows the accepted definition of the word. 

The only difference is that, as with most of the words on this list, it's often used hyperbolically.

“Did you see the GIF of Leonardo DiCaprio rolling his eyes at Lady Gaga?” 

7. LIT means something is popping off. It may have its roots in the cringe-worthy celebratory phrase, “The roof is on fire!” 

For whatever reason, we have accepted heat-related slang as party phrases. But be warned, lit might be on its last leg of relevance. 

It’s been quite overused in the past couple months. To give you some perspective, when searching “lit” on Genius, there are nearly 100,000 results.

"How's the party"

"It's lit."


"Drake's Views is too lit."

8.WOKE This word is BIG right now. There’s a whole #WokeBae phenomenon happening. 

But the word has its roots in an Erykah Badu song, “Master Teacher.” 

Here is how The New York Times Magazine puts it: “Think of ‘woke’ as the inverse of ‘politically correct.’ If ‘P.C.’ is a taunt from the right, then ‘woke’ is a back-pat from the left.” Woke statements might also low key stir up drama. 

The more woke one is, the more sympathetic and knowledgeable one is about a topic or type of person. 

It is most often used to describe a man who is also a feminist (as most men should be.)

“Did you hear about the guy at the gym who had tampons to give to a girl who needed one?”
“Damn, he’s woke.”

'Woke' was even chosen by Oxford Dictionaries as one of the words of 2016.

9.SIS An abbreviation of the word "sister" as well as an acronym for "sisters in spirit," a.k.a. your besties. 

The new way to describe girls in your squad. You probably take lots of Snapchats together.

“SIS, let's take a group selfie Snapchat!”

10.FAM The new way to greet your group of close friends, or even an individual friend.

"Hey, fam."


"Sup, fam."

11. STAN is the combination of the words stalker and fan. The plural of the word is stans. A good visual reference is first seen in this Eminem music video, "Stan."

"I am legit Justin Bieber's number one stan."
"Really? Cause that's kinda creepy."

12.HUNTY In case you ever feel the need to say the most passive-aggressive insult of all, there’s “hunty.” 

A favourite on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the word combines the terms “cunt” and “honey” to create a dangerously creative term of endearment.

[Walks in late to friend’s birthday dinner]

“Hey hunties, sorry I'm late!”

13.FINESSE To perfect or smooth things out, both visually and emotionally. Also when someone carries themselves with extreme elegance and style.

"What're you doing tonight?"
"I'm gonna finesse my closet."


"That's so cool."
"No man, that's finesse."

14. RT is short for retweet. It is now also used to show agreement.

"Do you like Taylor Swift's new hair?" 
"Yesss, RT RT RT."

15.RESPEK Birdman made "respek" into an iconic term after his rant on radio show The Breakfast Club. He urged the hosts to show him some respect, by adding some "respek" on his name.

"Please put some respeck on The Dutchess because it is an album of bangers."


"You need to put some respeck on Beyoncé’s name.”

16.GOAT  No, this doesn't describe an aggressive barnyard animal. Goat is actually an acronym for "Greatest of All Time." 

The term's actually been used in sports broadcasting to describe athletes since the 1990s, and pops up in hip hop tracks.

You: "I'm the goat."
17. TFW is an acronym for "that feel when." Naturally, you use the phrase to describe your emotional landscape at any given moment. It's typically used in texting.

TFW you realise you've poured orange juice into your cereal and milk.

TFW you're about to go cliff-jumping but realise your bathing suit is dangerously loose.

18.KEEPING IT 100 If you're keeping it 100, you're acting in a way that's true to yourself and aligned with your values, as well as being respectful to others.

Larry Wilmore always kept it 100 during his daily TV show segment, "Keep it 100."

19.SNATCHED Another way of saying, "Damn — you look good." You can use "snatched" where you'd use "on fleek."

Your outfit is snatched.

20.GUCCI It's not the Italian fashion company. "Gucci" in slang means good, fine, or okay.

"I'm coming over at 10 and we're going to eat pigs in blankets before going out."


21.SQUAD GOALS This term is used to describe the kind of behavior that friend groups aspire to. 

It describes something, or something that you'd like to have one day. Mostly it's just a statement of approval. 

And with more of its kind emerging now, like Relationship goals, body goals, all are just an approval of the things we want.

*sees Harry Potter and friends gear up to defeat Dark Lord*

"Squad goals."

22.BIBLE Odds are, you've heard the Kardashian-Jenners throwing around the word "Bible" on KUWTK

The sisters will begin a statement with "Bible" if they're about to say the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. 

It's also a way to get someone to stop lying.

Bible, I didn't take your green dress. 


Do you like him or not? Say Bible.

23.DEAD The traditional definition of the word "dead" is, of course, when someone is no longer alive or living. 

So the social and viral use of the word is obviously a bit of a stretch, but relates back to the real meaning. 

One “dies” or is “dead” when a celebrity “slays” or “kills” them.

"Did you see Kanye's eyes at the Met Gala?"
"Yes. Dead."

24.TD We already learned “dead,” so now we’re ready to move onto another variation on the word. 

TD stands for "to die." Most often used when something is too amazing and you’re worried you might just…die.

“Do you like this jacket on me?"
"It's TD. Buy it."

25.SUH Remember that T-Mobile commercial where everyone answered the phone “Wussup?” and it became the most obnoxious greeting ever? 

This is the new version of that. It is a combination of the word “sup” and “huh,” making you sound confused and interested at the same time. It has its roots in a viral video. It caught on fast enough. 

Gigi Hadid even did a Vine of herself “suh-ing” earlier this year. 

We've got more of these words coming up

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